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Soak Delicate Fabric Wash

Clean all the laundry you love with this rinse-free, environmentally-friendly formulation. It's prefect for washing your laciest lingerie, softest sweaters, swimwear, hand-made quilts, and even baby clothes. 14oz

  • Made with plant derived and renewable ingredients,
  • biodegradable, phosphate-free, and dye-free.

How it Works

A rinse-free formula is just what it sounds like—there’s no rinsing required! Soak is a low-suds liquid, so any dirt or detergent simply comes out in the water when you wash, leaving whatever is left behind to evaporate. No rinsing means it’s easier on your fabrics and is better for the environment too. Available in Aquae (a fresh sea breeze scent), Lacey (a modern blend of spring blossoms and sweet bergamot), Celebration (a subtly sweet, fruity scent), Yuzu (a combination of tart citrus and eucalyptus), and Scentless.

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