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December 06, 2015


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How to Buy the Perfect Lingerie Gift, Even When You Don’t Know Anything About Lingerie

The holidays are approaching, which means that some of you are thinking about surprising your loved ones with some sexy new lingerie sets! Lingerie can be confusing and intimidating, so today Mademoiselle Lolita has some tips to make things easier. Finding the perfect lingerie set is kind of like solving a mystery: all you have to do is gather some information and then put the clues together to find the best solution. Today we’ll teach you the basics of lingerie sizing, along with how to buy a set that your special someone will want to wear over and over again.

Step One: Snoop Smartly

The first thing you need to know when you want to buy someone lingerie as a gift is their size. If you’re a man, you may not be aware that this is more complicated than just reading the tag as your tear a bra off someone. Most women wear multiple bra sizes in multiple brands. To start, go through her lingerie drawer and take note of the sizes that you see the most often. If there is a bra that she wears frequently or seems to prefer, take note of both the size and brand. Do the same with underwear. Write down the common underwear sizes that you see as well as the style. Does she own all boyshorts or thongs? Women tend to have strong preferences when it comes to underwear styles, so make sure you have a sense of what she actually wears.

Lastly, look at the colors in her lingerie drawer. Are they all in the same color family? Are they all neutrals? This will tell you what types of colors she feels most confident in. On the off chance she owns lots of print bras, take note of this as well.

Step Two: Use Your Clues

At this point, you should have an idea of what styles, sizes and colors your loved one gravitates to. The best lingerie gifts tend to be variations on what someone already has, with either a thematic spin or something slightly new or boundary pushing. For instance, if you want to buy her a lingerie sat in red and she only wears neutrals, make sure the bra and panty are a style that she already wears and loves. Conversely, if you want to buy her a plunge bra and a thong when she only wears full cup bras and high waisted panties, make sure it’s in a color she will find irresistible and will feel great in.

Step Three: When Buying A Gift, Always Buy the Full Set

It’s easy to feel like a bra is enough, but nothing says luxury like a matching set. If you want to score extra points, pick up a robe that matches and turn it into a three piece gift set. If you need help picking out an extra piece to match, just contact Mademoiselle Lolita for some advice! 


By following these three easy steps, you can ensure that you buy a lingerie gift that she will love and wear for years. If you need more specific advice on sizing, styles or gift sets please contact Mademoiselle Lolita. We’d be thrilled to help pick out items, offer advice or put together a custom gift set for you.

For ensuring that your recipient will get exactly what they want (or if you're just feeling overwhelmed by the options), you can never go wrong with a gift certificate or schedule a fitting appointment via our online scheduler. If she's been a previous client we have her size recorded. We  keep track of all of our clients' sizes and style preference.

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