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January 09, 2015


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The Best Lingerie Basics for 2015

2015 is here, which means two things: it's time to check your bra size and restock your lingerie drawer. Most women fluctuate in size even over the course of a month, so it's good to get professionally fitted for a bra once a year to make sure you're still wearing the right size. The wrong size bra can lead to back pain, sagging and those nasty shoulder grooves you get from straps that are doing too much lifting. 

The beginning of the year is also a great time to take a look at your lingerie drawer and evaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go. If something has holes, broken elastic or bad wires then you should throw it out. If you have a bra that's nearly unworn that doesn't fit, you can donate it to one of the many charities that works to provide supportive bras to underprivileged women all over the world

Now that you've cleared out the stuff that doesn't work, you'll probably be left with some things you need to replace. Today we're covering our favorite basics that need frequently replacing, usually because they get more wear than other types of lingerie. Read on to see some great choices for your new favorite basic lingerie!

Basic Bras:

Goldie Fishnet Scoop Neck Bra:

This bra is far more than basic - it's gorgeous and sexy in a understated way. It's also one of our most comfortable offerings. This gold shade is a close flesh tone match for many people, but also looks stunning when it contrasts with almost any skin tone. Treat yourself with this comfortable and fashionable bra! DD+ sizes

Black Fishnet Scoop Neck Bra:

The basic black bra is a lingerie staple, although this bra is far more interesting than most. The sheer fishnet panel shows a tiny bit of skin while the soft fishnet base provides superior support and comfort.  DD+ sizes


Casey Molded Plunge Bra:

Everyone needs a supportive plunge bra and this one is great. It creates fantastic cleavage, comes in a wide range of sizes and lasts "forever" with proper care. Available in Black in sizes 32DD-38G.

Basic Panties and Thongs:


Allison Thong:

The beige thong - not exciting, but a requirement for many outfits. This Allison thong is cute, comfortable and won't show under your favorite pair of suit pants. 


Core Thong:

This thong is well made and comfortable, with just enough fashion detail to make lovers of fancy lingerie happy. While this brand is more expensive, with the right care this thong will last longer than the cheaper options. Available in sizes Small-Large


Flirty Dot Shaping Thong:

If you like a little bit of shaping underneath your clothes (and really, who doesn't?) this shaping thong is a great choice. It comes in multiple colors and prints, but this polka dot version has some flirty retro style. It's a great compromise between fun and functionality. Also available in Black in sizes Small-XXLarge.

Basic Tights and Stockings:


Pretty Polly Gloss Lace Top Hold Ups:

Everyone needs some basic gloss tights: if you've never worn them before, think of it like airbrushing for your legs. These are comfortable, make your legs look fabulous and don't have that constricting feel that tights can give you. Since they're hold ups, you won't even need a garter belt with them. If you have a vintage soul or just can't deal with that twisting tights feeling, these are the perfect choice. 

Pretty Polly Nylon Gloss Tights:

If you do love the security that tights give you, these are great for the office or a night out. They'll provide that same airbrushed look that the hold ups above do. 



Pretty Polly Secret Socks:

Love that socks with boots look but want more warmth? These tights will become your favorite fall and winter lingerie staple. Secret Socks come in low or over the knee heights, so you can match them with every pair of boots that you own. Once you try them, you won't want to go back to real socks!

Laundering Solutions:

Remember to hand wash your garments to prolong the useful life. Try out our RINSE FREE laundering solutions. Soak wash is perfect for hand washing everything from your laciest lingerie to your everyday favorites. Protect your investment. Scented and scentless options are available.

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