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October 27, 2014


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How To Choose The Perfect Shapewear For The Holiday Party Season


While we love the thrill of finding that perfect seasonal party dress, we also know that what you put under your outfit is as important as the outfit itself. Today we’re talking about shapewear. The other “S” word. Yay!


While there are tons of different types of shapewear out there, we believe there are a few cardinal rules that you need to follow when you’re planning your special occasion outfit.


1) Be comfortable.

Looking smooth and put together is great, but you need to make sure that your shapewear is suited to your activity level. If you’ll be dancing the night away or going out for an eight course tasting menu, take that into account when you decide on your shapewear. Thank us later.



2) Wear the size that fits you and forget about the tag.

Shapewear sizes can be a little scary if you go by the tag. Shapewear sizes frequently run small, so buy according to your measurements rather than the tag on your regular clothes. Historically, women were told to size down when purchasing shaping garments. There have been many advances in the materials and fabrics used in shaping products. Buy your actual size for the best results.



3) First set a goal.

Do you want to look smaller, do you want to smooth, or both? Next choose a compression level that is right for you based on your goal and the level of activity and comfort you’d like. Most manufactures have various levels of compression from firm to extra-firm. Extra-firm pieces are designed to make you look inches smaller. Higher compression garments often have latex in the fabric composition. If you are allergic to latex, make sure you read the labels. 


So, which shapewear items should you be looking at this season?



If you want to smooth things out and avoid VPL, try a basic like our shaping panty or thong. You can stay comfortable, have a full range of movement but still feel smooth and elegant.


If you have a dress with a plunging neckline in either the front or a plunging V-back, there are various options for some extra coverage and piece of mind. Breast petals give you some extra nipple coverage if you don’t need extra support, but we also carry a full range of backless bras and strapless bra options.


If you want full body slimming, we carry lots of items that you can wear by themselves or in combination with others. You can combine a waist cincher with a smoothing bra and panties, or look into all in one options like full body shapers.

If you have a larger cup size, you may need to look at pieces that will let you wear your own bra with them rather than shapewear pieces with a built in bra. Also consider our backless strapless body suit, available in black and nude.


If you want to enhance certain areas of your body, take a look at pieces that can do things like make your bottom look higher and firmer while giving you the smooth control of regular shapewear.


Most importantly, don’t forget to try it all on together with your dress before your event! You may want to start wearing your shaper for 30 minutes to an hour at a time to season it and to increase your level of comfort before you wear it on your big night. Being prepared means that you’ll be comfortable at your event and ready to have fun.

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