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March 21, 2016

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Bra shopping: A Well-fitting Bra is Priceless

Guest Blog Series: @comicsgirlsneedbras

From an early age, bra shopping for me was a nightmare. I was introduced to the full-bust lingerie world at the age of 14. I had many bras but none of them made me feel comfortable in my body or fit correctly. Once I was professionally measured, my mom and I discovered that I had 32F breasts. However, the price of bras for my fuller size cup scared me. I was used to shopping for lingerie in stores that only provided A to DD cup bras with average prices of about $30. When my mother finally found a boutique that carried larger sizes it was certainly one of the most wonderful days of my teen life. I do recall the bras being much more expensive and I felt guilty. I felt as if my body was a criminal demanding ransom, and that my mother was being forced to pay three times more than what she would have paid if I were “normal.” I will never forget what she told me that day. She said, “A well-fitting bra is one of the only things a woman should never consider as a bad investment.” I have to say that this simple statement changed my life. I recall that it was a simple bra, nothing fancy, but for the first time I was wearing something that made me feel secure, something that fit properly. That was and still is priceless!

Prior to discovering there were bras that fit properly, I had purchased a lot of cheap bras. Poor quality products may be affordable when you look at the tag but they will cost you more in the long run. A bad quality bra will let you down literally. It will lose its shape, the ability to provide the needed support, and ultimately become uncomfortable.
Here’s a list of things I experienced with cheaply made bras:

  • It most likely doesn’t have features that provide support and comfort.
  • The band can stretch out very fast. If the band is not providing support, the bra will rise up in the back and fall down in the front. (The entire purpose of a bra is to lift in the front.)
  • The straps can cause pressure on your shoulders.
  • The shape of the cup can change progressively because of the weight of your breast. Most of us large busted women need coverage and support.
  • The wires can ultimately pop out after a few wears and washes.

Because of these issues, I used to buy a lot of bras. None of them lasted long and I was essentially throwing my money away. It was depressing and I really didn’t know there was an alternative.

A bra is not something natural but it is an undergarment created to make your life easier by providing shape, support, and coverage. When your lingerie becomes an obstacle, it could have a negative impact on your confidence and body acceptance.

I am convinced it is better to own only 2 well-fitting and great quality bras rather than 20 poor quality and ill-fitting bras.  Also, when cared for properly, quality lingerie keeps its shape, support and appearance for a longer time.

You deserve to feel confident, comfortable, and happy when you look at your body. In my opinion, a well-fitting bra can really help you to look and feel better in whatever you choose to wear. That my friends is priceless.


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1 Comment


March 23, 2016

Thank you for sharing such a personal testimony. You are normal! but its good to know we are not alone.

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